Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin

main tel: (715) 835-0161
toll free: (800) 648-1696

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Why Give to Big
Brothers Big Sisters?

100% of your donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin will stay in your community and help a child who faces adversity to reach his or her potential by providing an adult mentor to help guide them on their path in life.

We know that our mentoring changes lives for the better, forever, because we collect and analyze the data that tell that story. Your donation is an investment in a mentoring relationship that helps a child reach his or her potential.

Our belief in the impact of mentoring is the driving force behind Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin. We seek to put children on a path to lifelong success and change the trajectories of their lives in positive ways. To achieve our mission, we commit to measure and be responsible for specific youth outcomes that focus on:

educational achievement

avoidance of risky behaviors (especially juvenile delinquency)

higher self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to relate to others

We define success based on measurable outcomes and scales. By working with our donors, mentors, children, families, and partners, we hope to strive for our vision that all children achieve success in life.

Where Does Your Money Go?

You can be confident that your donation is benefiting a child by making and supporting their match with an adult mentor. Our financial break down is:

60% Program

Recruiting volunteers

Insurance on each match

Volunteer background check

Child & Volunteer enrollment (application processing,
interview, reference checks)

Finding the best match for the volunteer and child

Making the match

On-going match support (monthly contacts with the
parent, child, and volunteer)

18% Fundraising

22% Administrative

By donating to our organization, you are joining our mission of providing children who face adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Every day, we work tirelessly to change the perspectives of children and give them an opportunity to achieve great things. But without donations, we couldn’t offer our mentoring services.

Recognition for Accountability

Big Brothers Big Sisters has received accolades for accountability and efficiency from a number of independent organizations such as Great Nonprofits and the Better Business Bureau. View our national recognitions. // Learn more.

Financial Statements

The very idea of Big Brothers Big Sisters is based on transparency and honesty between people. It’s no different when it comes to our finances, which we make available to all who are interested. // Learn more.

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(Please note that if you do not hear from us within two business days, please call 800-648-1696. This system occasionally has glitches, and we want to be sure to follow up with all volunteers.)

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