New Year's Resolution: Thank Your Mentors!

January is the start of a new year, it’s the time everyone puts in effect their resolutions for what they would like to accomplish for the year.  January is also National Mentoring Month.  The month is filled with days that recognize the hard work of people who are bettering not just themselves but their mentees.  Their mentees are better because of their mentors. 

Our celebration starts off on January 4th with 'I am a Mentor Day.' It is a day for mentors to recognize the impact they are making and how their mentees are changing the world.  A mentor is more than a teacher, they are more than a leader, they give their mentee the skills for the mentee to achieve success. 

The next date is January 12, wear your Big Brothers and Big Sisters Apparel Day.  Wear any apparel with a Big Brothers Big Sisters logo on it.  Big Brothers Big Sisters strives to give children the tools to succeed in life.   You can even wear purple to show your support.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters wants to #StartSomethingBig. 

Martin Luther King Jr. inspired many through his activism and his words, on January 15th we honor him.  He has shown the importance of giving your time and we want to honor volunteers that continually give their time.  Our organization wouldn't exist without our volunteers.  In the spirit of all Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did, give back to your community! 

On January 17th its International Mentoring Day.  Where powerful mentor stories will be shared for all to see.  Make sure to take a look at our page to catch these impactful stories. 

On January 25th we are going to Thank our Mentors.  Mentors are so important and mentees are so thankful for their mentors.  This day is dedicated to the tremendous work mentors do and how much their mentee is thankful for them. #ThankYourMentor Day is important to recognize the hard work mentors put in, but also for the mentee to recognize the impact their mentor has on them. 

January is a special month; it’s the start of the year.  Why not start the year off with honoring important people such as mentors?  They impact more than we realize  For the whole month of January we will be honoring Mentors.  Please join us this month in honoring our Mentors and help us #StartSomethingBig.  Don’t forget to wear your purple!