As National Mentoring Month Draws To A Close...

National Mentoring Month is always a great way to start off the year! This year we're thankful that Chippewa Falls Mayor Greg Hoffman and Eau Claire City Council President Kerry Kincaid proclaimed January 25th as Thank Your Mentor Day!  It's a day to honor mentors and the tremendous impact they have on all of us.  Mentors give a friendly push to others to send them in the right direction in their life.  

Now in it's 17th year, National Mentoring Month seeks to bring awareness to the work of mentors and the impact they have in our lives.  Our CEO, Wesley Escondo, visited with the Chippewa Falls Council on January 16th and the Eau Claire Council on January 23rd to share our gratitude.  We know our work is worth doing but their tremendous support adds momentum to the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin. 

A huge thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate National Mentoring Month!  We started 2018 on a great note, now, as we look forward to the year we know there is a lot yet to accomplish.  Creating new mentors is always our focus but this year we are doubling down to reduce the number of children waiting for a Big.  Currently 100+ children facing adversity are waiting to be matched with a mentor.  If you, your spouse, your adult child, your friend or anyone you know is looking for a rewarding and fun activity, consider pushing to find out more about what we do.  We are truly thankful for your support!