Get fundraising for Bowl For Kids's Sake with these helpful hints!

Now that you’ve registered for Bowl For Kids Sake, you realize you have to raise some money.  (If you haven't registered, what are you waiting for?!?)  It dawns on you, your pledge sheet is empty and you are lost on where to start with collecting pledges.  The question ‘How am I going to do this?’ occurs.  Well here are some great ways you can get that pledge sheet filled out. 

  • Bake sale, use your talent of creating delicious and decadent treats to bring in the money for your team.  You can easily entice people with the aroma of your sweet treats to raise some money.  
  • Ask your coworkers, family, neighbors, acquaintances, or anyone! Just get the word out that you are bowling for a good cause and you need to raise some money.  By asking everyone you know you are helping your chances and raising money for a great cause. 
  • Put it on your social media.  Social media is great for connecting to absolutely everyone you know! Not only are you reaching out to people, you are spreading the word about Bowl For Kids Sake. 
  • Host a party! Have a party at your house, put on the invite that you are raising money for Bowl For Kids Sake.  Who doesn’t like parties? This way everyone can have a blast and you can raise some money. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to raise that money, get it going right away! There are so many fun activities you can do before Bowl For Kids Sake to collect your pledges. Visit our Bowl For Kids' Sake page and check out the fundraising section for more ideas!