Fundraise like a boss for BFKS

Unsure on how to collect pledges? One easy way is to put it on your social media! Spread the word that you're raising money to support mentoring in Northwestern Wisconsin!  Tell your coworkers, your friends and especially your family!  You’ll raise all that money in no time!

You can print out a pledge sheet from our website or direct your framily (yes, friends and family) to pledge online. Why even leave your house?  Use the web page provided during registration on your social media. Once you've posted it to Facebook you'll easily hit your goal!  Not on Facebook?  Email the link to your network! (People can also search for you on the site.) 

Don’t forget about collecting money for those pledges.  The earlier you start collecting pledges the earlier you can start preparing for that amazing costume to win the contest! This year’s theme is the Great Outdoors! Get creative, because you could have a chance to win BIG!


Questions?  Email Teri-Gene Conlin!