Community-Based Mentoring


Our 'traditional' Community-Based mentoring model: 

This program has been successfully impacting the lives of children for over 100 years! In the Community-Based program the child and the volunteer meet for an average of one hour per week at a time that works for child, parent, and volunteer. The volunteer works closely with the parent when setting up the outing, and the parent must approve all outings. The volunteer and the child can participate in activities that both enjoy such as going to a ball game, arts and crafts, fishing, watching movies, playing video games, walking a dog, etc. There are endless possibilities of activities to enjoy, but the focus is on building a strong relationship and not the activity.

Mentors in Motion:

Mentors in Motion is a community-based program that provide Bigs and Littles opportunities to build impactful relationships while participating in recreational activities. The focus of this program is on creating awareness and growing interest in active and healthy lifestyles. Bigs and Littles who participate in this program are asked to participate in at least 3 hours of physical activity per month.Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin works with area partners to host activities for Mentors in Motion matches. For more information on the Mentors in Motion program, call 800-648-1696 or email us.



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